Moon Mars - rare trading card collection
Published by SpaceShots

This beautiful series of cards was published in 1991. It consists of 36, 2.5" x 3.5" cards with laser sharp printing, 3-D sculpturing, and varnish coating. They represent a look back at the exploration of the Moon and a look forward to the exploration of Mars. Each card is numbered and has detailed educational information printed on the back along with a second small picture.

The Space Center has been fortunate to locate a small uncirculated supply of these outstanding card sets. They have never been out of their original shipping cartons.


No longer available!

This one of a kind card set features the Apollo program's Lunar astronauts and spectacular Martian images, including the mile-long "Face" in the Cydonia region of Mars. It also includes close-up photographs of all 11 retired astronauts who have walked on the Moon (John Young was still on active flight status at the time of the printing).

Click on the images for a detailed view of the card.

Apollo Lunar Photos Astronaut Portraits Martian Scenes
  • John Young - jumping salute
  • Pete Conrad - holding camera
  • Ed Mitchell - consulting map
  • Alan Shepard - holding flag
  • Jack Schmitt - with earthrise
  • Alan Bean - carrying ALSEP
  • Dave Scott - saluting the flag
  • Neil Armstrong - inside LM
  • Charlie Duke - at Plumb Crater
  • Buzz Aldrin - first moonwalk
  • Jim Irwin - with Lunar rover
  • Gene Cernan - saluting
  • Neil A. Armstrong, 11
  • Buzz Aldrin, 11
  • Charles Conrad, Jr., 12
  • Alan L. Bean, 12
  • Alan B. Shepard, Jr., 14
  • Edgar D. Mitchell, 14
  • David R. Scott, 15
  • James B. Irwin, 15
  • Charles M. Duke, 16
  • Eugene A. Cernan, 17
  • Harrison Schmitt, 17
  • "The Journey"
  • Viking - on Martian surface
  • Mars Observer mission
  • Mission to Mars - Phobos base
  • Mars - the red planet
  • US-Soviet Joint Mission to Mars
  • "The Case for Mars" mission
  • Mars Mission - transit system
  • "Face on Mars"
  • Direct mission to Mars
  • Space Exploration Initiative